And thus the storm ends... And a new video will begin...

2017-11-18 01:57:02 by Mace121

Recently, I've finished Star Storm 2, the series of episodic reviews on a show called Star Vs. The Forces of Evil season 3. Although, there's some problems during the entire series, most of which is sound design, I'm fine on where it turns out. So let me give you some context on why the sound design is problematic.

First off, I have to make the video quite quickly with Audacity. There was this humming noise that's coming from the USB , but that's quite normal for a cheap $35 mic from Amazon. Second, I can't deal with the background noise besides the humming. And third, my sister & her kids had to stay in my place for a while, because they HAVE to move. Two days before the reviews have started, they were absoulutely traumatised due to my sister's husband getting SHOT in the hand early in the morning, due to some drug-trafficing dick living next door in their apartment shot a gun (he was later arrested). Scary shit, I know.


So what's next... Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie. I've heard about this fabled lost movie a long time ago, and it was supposed to be the actual Hey Arnold movie, other than what we got back in the mid-2000s. The movie is going to be released next week, and I need to watch several HA episodes (importantly, Parent's Day and The Journal) to get on track of things. But with my occasional babysitting with my sister's children (because I'm the only guy in this household unemployed), it may be a bit tough. Then after that (wether or not I liked the lost movie), I'll probably watch some more HA episodes. 


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