The Storm ends... A new project begins.

2017-03-01 13:18:21 by Mace121

Recently at March 1st, 9:20 AM, Star Storm just ended. At 9:25AM, a new project begins. A challenging project that usually defies all human intelligence. A third list about the shittiest cartoons.

Yeah, yeah, some people think I've ran out of ideas at some point, but looking back at my older lists, they are heavily flawed. 

The Worst Cartoons v1.1 (Because 1.0 is worse), is not my greatest video ever made. The music was loud, my voice seems muffled (the result being me using the Playstation Eye cam), the writing is a little too harsh, and giving little reason why Dora is on the list.


The Second Edition is a little better with three additional voices, and some variety. But this one however is also flawed due to the music being loud, writing is more on the "meh" side of things, and that one bit I wrote on the script seems a bit racist. Look, I got a "C-" on English 12, alright? Before you ask about why don't I correct that audio mistake, I have a bad habit of deleting everything when it's done... But that was a couple years ago.


BUT they say that third time's the charm, right? Well, the 3rd addition will correct the mistakes I've done in the two lists, and add something new to the table: Add more foreign cartoons. If you do your research, literally all of them are from North America, except Pixel Pinkie which is from Australia. There's cartoons that are pretty damn awful outside America, and I've found some that's worthy on the list. For enample, there's a Brazilian cartoon that's a knockoff to Digimon called.... Dogmons. Truly a masterpiece.


My TO-DO list:

  • Hire some people who could help me make the list
  • Finish the script
  • Do the audio, correctly
  • Make the video
  • ???
  • Profit


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      2017-03-01 20:43:02

      The audio quality of your voice puts me off and I'm guessing it's putting off other people too...
      You need a better mic...

      Mace121 responds:

      Yep... My new Afterglow mic is not as great as the other mics. It always sets me off when the audio is cut off when there's silence, but when I say a single word after it got cut off, it usually pisses me off. Feels like my best mic is either my laptop's or.... My phone. I'll make an audio test, sometime soon if you get my drift.


      2017-03-01 23:25:00

      That's probably a good idea... Audio can be just as important if not more important than anything in these kinds of videos...
      Building one of these may come in handy...
      You can get good results at a reasonable price...
      If you are thrifty and creative enough...