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The Worst Cartoons 3 (Finally)

2017-08-30 18:59:37 by Mace121

It's finally here at last. Kinda disappointed from not reaching my goals, but as the old saying goes: Sometimes you gotta do it yourself.

Co-written by @Patrick1751

Guest voice by Colin Hussey

Another goddamn post.

2017-06-26 19:00:03 by Mace121

So the other month I was originally going to make a video about the shittiest cartoons, but April gave me the lack of motivation to continue. When May came around, and this cartoon above is about to reach it's end, I decided to make a fucking list out of it. It took me well over a month, most of which was the script being incomplete, and usually working on this in the morning, and something else at night, until you figured out I have a DeviantArt page, and what I'm working on there.

Next time, it is going to be the Worst Cartoons, and I'm unleashing all cylinders... Until I get some people to do voices, and someone who has a better choice of music than me.

Recently at March 1st, 9:20 AM, Star Storm just ended. At 9:25AM, a new project begins. A challenging project that usually defies all human intelligence. A third list about the shittiest cartoons.

Yeah, yeah, some people think I've ran out of ideas at some point, but looking back at my older lists, they are heavily flawed. 

The Worst Cartoons v1.1 (Because 1.0 is worse), is not my greatest video ever made. The music was loud, my voice seems muffled (the result being me using the Playstation Eye cam), the writing is a little too harsh, and giving little reason why Dora is on the list.


The Second Edition is a little better with three additional voices, and some variety. But this one however is also flawed due to the music being loud, writing is more on the "meh" side of things, and that one bit I wrote on the script seems a bit racist. Look, I got a "C-" on English 12, alright? Before you ask about why don't I correct that audio mistake, I have a bad habit of deleting everything when it's done... But that was a couple years ago.


BUT they say that third time's the charm, right? Well, the 3rd addition will correct the mistakes I've done in the two lists, and add something new to the table: Add more foreign cartoons. If you do your research, literally all of them are from North America, except Pixel Pinkie which is from Australia. There's cartoons that are pretty damn awful outside America, and I've found some that's worthy on the list. For enample, there's a Brazilian cartoon that's a knockoff to Digimon called.... Dogmons. Truly a masterpiece.


My TO-DO list:

  • Hire some people who could help me make the list
  • Finish the script
  • Do the audio, correctly
  • Make the video
  • ???
  • Profit

    1. The Storm continues...

      2017-02-14 20:18:44 by Mace121

      Apparently, I forgot to post the video here. ANYWAYS, if you're looking for a video series about a cringy guy talking about a popular cartoon, you've come to the right place.

      The Storm begins.

      2017-02-06 16:03:39 by Mace121

      Well, it begins tomorrow as of this post. I'm currently working on the first Star Storm video on S2-15a: Raid the Cave. Don't expect perfection on me, 'cuz I'm reading the script off of notepad. I'm also covering the livestream Q&A's, which happens on mondays throughout the Star marathon. It's going to be tight.

      Star Storm marathon

      2017-01-28 14:03:49 by Mace121

      The good news is that I uploaded a new video about the cancellation of the PC Master Race Rant, the announcement of Star Storm: The episodic marathon where I give my impressions, reactions, etc etc. to every new episode of Star Vs. all February, and me predicting what the new episodes are about. The slightly sad news (for me) is that the aforementioned leaked episodes had their synopses revealed today... And my video was uploaded yesterday. Talk about bad timing.


      I'm afraid that this project is a little TOO ambitious. I mean making a rant video about the PC Master Race is going to make the majority of PC gamers pissed off (most of them are elitists). I mean, when it comes down to quality editing & writing + added jokes, it's not even that good (okay, that's my fault for being a fucking slacker). It's like catching a whale on a dinghy, and it will NOT END WELL. Also it's more of a perspective thing when I using a modern non-gaming laptop & a PS4 as physical examples. Also to add more salt to the wound, I shoved in some edginess in the dialog, and add Steam (+similar clients) as part of the rant.

      BUT if you want to take a look for yourself, go ahead: The PC Master Race Rant script

      Apparently, I've been working on this since September. I haven't got around making the bloody audio since November, where I'm still using the laptop mic. Also the thumbnail is actually the final version. I hate things that go to waste.


      ...And that tech is the NES Classic. Shocking, I know. We've been playing with this all night, and I however was watching the Nintendo Switch livestream for curiousity. The mini console is so addicting, my little sister (she's five) was playing this at 4:30 IN THE MORNING. I was sleeping like a damn log until I hear some Mario in the background, but I don't want to check. Now you're playing with power.

      DCXME01 is no more...

      2016-12-31 12:46:26 by Mace121

      ...And Mace121 rise. It was going to be just "Mace," but someone beat me to it. There's a good reason why I changed that very username, because I have several usernames with the Mace121 name (or similar names) going on the internet like Knowyourmeme, but at least I'm glad I retired the DCXME01 name after 6 years.


      Now let's press F to pay respects on a username that only consists of random letters & numbers, because 2017 is nigh.

      That Star Vs. Video...

      2016-12-16 19:14:07 by Mace121

      Well, it's been a rough day for me. I have to split the video in half because Vidme doesn't accept video over 1GB files or 30 minute videos (unless you're verified), I have to make a quick thumbnail, then I have to make a YouTube video to the vidme video, and then a lot of extra crap like that. Enjoy some links.

      PART 1:

      PART 2:

      Written uncut version (extra):

      Character Sketches (extra):

      Rammstein Links 2 3 4: