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Mace121's News

Posted by Mace121 - 1 month ago

I haven't been active on this site for a while... Well, technically I am, but I just wanna check some of the art I was following. Sometimes I post my own art here... Twice this year. Actually I did made more than that, but two of these are better to post here.


Besides just posting art, what was I doing? What accomplishments have I done? Let me count the ways:

>(One of) The first people witnessed gameplay of Twisted Metal Harbor City, that Twisted Metal Black sequel that was cancelled.

>Got a full-time job.

>Bought a new PC with an RTX GPU. In other words: Bought a PC that could run Unity games and then some.

>Started to use Steam

>Upgraded my PC (More RAM, more storage space, more fans)

>Upgraded my PC setup (new mice, TV, monitors, etc.)

>Found & reproduced THAT Daikatana ad, because no one else decides to do it (let alone find the magazine that has it).

>Learn to do some photography

>Home survived natural disasters. Twice: One was the summer wildfires, and another was a flood occurred last month as of this post.

>Become a patron

>Become a Kickstarter Backer

>Preordered my first game... And it doesn't suck ass. Hot Wheels Unleashed btw.

>Got my first Hot Wheels Redline. The genuine late 60s-early 70s kind.

>Become a Red Line Club member, then bought 2 RLC exclusive cars.

>Finally found that Jampack Winter 2001 demo disc I've been searching for 13 years.

>Bought some Christmas presents for my family members

>Opened a new Youtube Channel for a series I'm working on. Still under construction.

2021 may not be the year of my artistic integrity, but here's to hope that it gets better in 2022... And Nike is counting their days that they need to deliver on making this car Gran Turismo 4 predicted ages ago.



Posted by Mace121 - May 13th, 2020

10 years this account stands... A full fecade, double digits of my name on this place. So I was in 7th grade when I discovered Newgrounds, but before the name that is Mace, there was DCXME01. So what's that stand for?

FUCK ALL. There's no abbreviation, but it sounds like some serial code for... something. Back then, I don't know how or why I signed up on this place, but it was probably the in-site achievements where you play games or watch some flash movies. Originally, that was the one intention: make flash-based content... Until I learned the hard way that flash movies & especially games is much harder than anticipated. So I did art instead, and it took me well over 6 years to get scouted due to the site's gatekeeping practices... Maybe to weed out the poor quality art made in MS Paint, but still.

I still do art, occasionally. But now I'm making some custom Re-Volt content, like this conversion from some certain skateboarding game that was recently announced to get a remaster. May not be the greatest THPS level, but like an annoying sidekick, it still sticks around.



Posted by Mace121 - December 10th, 2019

So I haven't uploaded a Youtube video since March, people are overreacting on COPPA thinking that they're gonna get fined an unnecessary amount of money because of uploading a video, and Youtube Rewind still blows. So what about me? Eh, nothing much. Tried to make a video, but ideas keep getting scrapped for not being decent, still modeling a certain bunny girl which I started since May, and a possibility that I'm working at retail, tomorrow morning.

Well, nothing much more, but I have watched Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal which is fuckin' awesome (even though half the season was aired), Green Eggs & Ham on Netflix was surprisingly good, and 100% Ratchet Deadlocked like a madman. My little Hot Wheels collection goes strong at nearly 440 cars, almost filling up my 4th case with only 5 cars left to complete the set, but a lot of cars left in my backlog, fit for the 5th case.

So by 2020, I may have a nice fresh set of ideas on what to do, next. Maybe a video, maybe some more art, and maybe I'll find that Hot Wheels Wail Tale which I've been looking for since forever. I used to have that car as a kid & loved it. Shame it only lasted one time in stores and never again.



Posted by Mace121 - July 29th, 2019

Moved in since Friday, exactly. It was supposed to be Thursday, but due to lawyer squabbles over wording in documents (yeah, figure how that shit works), it was delayed a day later. I got my own room like last time, but more spacious. Downside is no closet to jam my hoodies in, but not to worry, because my main dresser is replaced with a bigger one, along with a longer dresser to stick my hoods in.

Place looks nice, cozy, had functioning appliances that's not over 30 years old, and best of all: 3 bathrooms. Best to say is that it's the best house I live at thus far.

Posted by Mace121 - July 3rd, 2019

...Moving in 3 weeks, meaning I got a couple days without internet, and a metric shitton of house crap to move. But at least it's not far... Across town, specifically.

So in this house I'm living in, there are some structural problems, and one glaring flaw was it's foundation isn't great. Another was the house appliances are outdated; one of them is the Stove/Oven/Dishwasher combo from the 60s, and the dishwasher was broken. The washer & dryer are on their last legs; the washing machine was fixed, since that transmission was broken, while the dryer doesn't dry that great on cold days... Not to mention the vent where the dryer shit blows out comes in the garage, fogging it up when the garage is closed.

The new house my family & I are moving to had more up-to-date appliances, more bathrooms, and 4 bedrooms. That, and a big shed to store more shit in. Doesn't sound like a mansion, but this is my parent's first time to actually buying a house with a mortgage. Can't fuggin' wait.

Posted by Mace121 - March 16th, 2019


Posted by Mace121 - February 7th, 2019

It's up & running.


So if you like RC Cars and Video games, then this video is a must to play some.


Posted by Mace121 - January 30th, 2019

Whenever comes down to racing games, there will be your Gran Turismos, Wipeouts, F-Zeroes, and your Garfield Karts. Now racing games have come in all shapes & sizes from cars, bikes, boats, and anti-gravity ships... Now one subgenre that not many has delved into are R/C racing games.


Of course there are some, but not alot. RCs have been around long before than you think (of course the 80s is where the RC peaks in popularity), but such a rare sight in video game form... Even more rare if you only count the good ones. Within the next week or so, I'm gonna count down the Top 5 RC Racing games. Enjoy this thumbnail.



Posted by Mace121 - December 25th, 2018

It's up. I scheduled this video to be released at 3AM, because who does that?


Posted by Mace121 - December 21st, 2018

Twisted Metal. Now that's a franchise I got in my head for quite a while... Specifically, the cancelled Black sequel known as Twisted Metal: Harbor City. I haven't done a Twisted Metal-related video, 4 years ago and that was a fan-made DidYouKnowGaming video. This one I'm busting my ass off for the past month, and two months on the main script, which I had to cut it down because of being too lengthy. Recently, I finished the last segment of the video, and preparing to finish this bitch... But I manage to build up the courage and ask a certain Dave about Harbor City.

This'll be up by the very first thing on Christmas, peoples. My Youtube's "Mace 2.0," so don't forget.


This is a screencap about a Twisted Metal would've been in an alternate universe...